Course Description:
This introductory course explores the fundamental elements of experimental and media arts in general, and electronic art using digital production tools in particular.  Students will explore a personal aesthetic and develop a critical framework for their ideas and work. Theoretical/critical readings, lectures, discussions, presentations of film, video, and new media artists are included.

The course is organized around 4 themes: 

  1. Image
  2. Video
  3. Sound
  4. Performance

The weekly schedule follows this themes in order and allows students to explore combinations of media with increasing facility as the semester proceeds.


1.     To introduce students to image/video/sound/performance and their digital production tools as a medium of artistic production with a unique visual, aural, and temporal language.

2.     To foster the development of a personal aesthetic.

3.     To enable students to explore and articulate the connections between digital art processes and more traditional art practices.

4.     To explore historical and theoretical aspects of electronic and digital art and integrate that with their interests and creative production.

5.     To provide introductory experience with creative coding for artistic creation.

6.     To promote and support collaborative working pratices.



1.     Student will gain basic technical knowledge of digital art production including introduction to several software packages on the Macintosh platform.

2.     Students will gain basic knowledge of the aesthetic and artistic language of digital and electronic art and apply that to their work.

3.     Students will gain basic knowledge of the contemporary critical discourse of digital media production.



1.     In class verbal participation is important and together with attendance comprises 25% of the final course grade!  Everyone is expected to actively participate in critiques and discussions.

2.     Assignments are due at the beginning of class on due date; late assignments will not be accepted under any conditions.

3.     The intention of this course is to produce art and to foster open conversations about art and ideas! There are no "DUMB" comments or questions. It is crucial to the intellectual and artistic atmosphere of the class that each student participate vocally and add to the knowledge pool of the class. Please feel free to engage more reserved classmates in discussions and to give others a chance to talk!

4.    NO surfing the internet or email during class, NO cell phone conversations, rings or text messages in class; any of the above will be treated as an absentee from the day's class


Attendance is mandatory and critical.  Students are expected to sign-in upon arrival to every class.  Missing more than three classes will result in a letter grade drop per-missed-class.


%25  Weekly Assignments

%25  Mid-term Project

%25  Final project

%25  Participation and growth (including final collaborative project)