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Hardware and manuals

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XBeePro-B, (manual)

XBeePro-ZB, (manual)

X-CTU (software for loading firmware onto modems)

Funnel IO (XBee compatible arduino)

09.08.24 findings

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-if an API firmware is loaded, turn on "Enable API" on the "PC Settings" tab

-EVEN with an AT firmware loaded, "Enable API" on the "PC Settings" tab must be ON
-"Test/Query" only works if you turn on  "Enable API"
-in order to READ, "Enable API" must be OFF
-when the window full of text tellin you to press the reset button shows up, pull out the XBee from the FTDI board, and reconnect.  (there is no reset button!)

XBee testing begins

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...right here...

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