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more on xbee set up

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if things keep failing, here is how to overwrite the firmware and start things afresh:

Step 1:  Set the PC settings to default. (Baud Rate: 9600, Flow Control: NONE, Data Bits: 8, Parity: NONE, Stop: Bits 1, No API)

Step 2:  Click on the Modem Configuration tab.

Step 3:  Select the modem type and function set you want. The latest firmware version for that function set will be selected in the version drop-down box.

Step 4:  Click the Show Defaults button and check the Always update firmware box.

Step 5:  Press and hold the reset button and click Write (since our zigbees dont have a reset button, press and hold reset button means detach it from the USB board)

Step 6:  When the Action Required box pops up, release the reset button and the module should reprogram from there (release reset button means

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