Troubles With Analog

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I stumbled across this webpage that has an example of transmitting analog data with xbees:

Despite the poor documentation of this experiment, I tried to recreate it. 
Recreation was unsuccessful...

Something good that came out of this experiment is that I found an Xbee API for Processing which could come in handy later.

A lot of instructions that I came across today asked me to press the reset button on the xbee. Because we have no reset buttons on the xbee, I have found two alternatives. 
  1. Short ground(pin 10) and reset(pin 5)
  2. Or unplug the xbee from the explorer, select a command to execute, and then plug the xbee back into the explorer.

In every analog test that I have run I have used the following photo-resistor circuit.

In the example at the top of this post, they ask you to change a value with the command ATIT. This returns ERROR when entered on the current firmware that is running on the "sender" xbee. I will pursue these analog tests using a different xbee firmware that may have more promising Analog features.

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