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Fun with accelerometers.

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Today I worked more on my max patch for dealing with the xbee. So far I have the ability to change the function of different xbee pins by calling a method in a little piece of javascript. I will post this max patch next week after I clean it up a bit.

I also worked some with the accelerometer today. I am working on a max patch that takes the accelerometer readings from the xbee and makes a nice little visual display tilt sensing.

Remote API commands are working perfectly!

and now for range testing...

Sending commands using XBEE API

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Today was the first time that I successfully sent a command to an xbee using the xbee API protocol.

The xbee is hard wired to my computer using a sparkfun xbee explorer. It is running the XBP24-B ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE API version 1247 firmware.

Using a max patch I sent the following converted the following hex message into decimal values and sent it through serial. 
    0x7E 0x00 0x05 0x08 0x4D 0x44 0x30 0x05 0x31

0x7E = start delimiter 
0x0005 = length
0x08 = AT Command API frame type
0x4D = Frame ID (set to non-zero value) (any value)
0x4430 = AT Command ('D0')
0x05 = value to set command to (pin HIGH output)
0x31 = Checksum

To calculate the checksum: Not including frame delimiters and length, add all bytes keeping only the lowest 8 bits of the result and subtract the result from 0xFF.

This command turns the digital output of pin D0 to HIGH.

This command turns output of pin D0 to LOW:
   0x7E 0x00 0x05 0x08 0x4D 0x44 0x30 0x04 0x32

Xbee Max test patch v.1

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Xbee references update

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Robert Faludi of ITP/SVA in NYC has done some good work with the xbees. Notable links:

Regarding changing remote module's parameters with AT commands [from the XBee Pro Znet 2.5 manual, pp. 60]:

"Remote AT Command Request

API Identifier Value: 0x17 Allows for module parameter registers on a remote device to be queried or set"

Wireless reading of analog inputs is a success!!

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Today we had the xbee transmitting the output from 4 analog signals. 
The following picture shows the I/O settings for the xbee that we are using to transmit the analog data to our computer. It is loaded with XBP24-B ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE AT version 1247 firmware.

The receiving Xbee is loaded with XBP24-B ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE API version 1247 firmware.

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