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MaXBee PCB, rev. 1

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Version 1 of Ray's XBee board; provides:
  1. socket for XBee series 1
  2. power circuitry for a 3.7V LiPo
  3. charging circuitry for a 3.7 LiPo (charges with USB)
  4. 3.3v-5v voltage level shifting to allow more adaptable control
  5. 10-pin "futurlec" style connector for compatibility with off-board boards
As the video shows, timing performance is pretty good.... Version 2 of this board is already in the works; requests welcome!

XBee Status Update

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Proof of concept state, but things are looking up.

Below are patches for two way communication with x-bees from Cycling '74's Max.
You must have your local (usb/API-coordinator) and remote (wireless/AT-router/endpoint) Series 2.5 Xbees configured with these profiles.  

max files: download
profiles:  download

-xbee.js takes in two arguments. The remote xbee's 8 byte address and the 2 byte network address. 
-This whole setup only works if you have 4 analog pins active, and nothings else
-Note that if you turn digital pins on/off, this messages with the analog readings; this will be fixed in the next version!

Secret+Critical Knolwedge:
-When trying to configure a coordinator connected with USB, the remote xbee's can not send too much data (set sampling rates to very low or 0)
-After remote-configuration of a router xbee, you must quit/restart X-CTU before configuring a USB-connected-coordinator xbee

Xbee Max test patch v.1

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