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eStudio announcement

Beginning October 18th, the eStudio (W206) will be hosting open hours for art department students and faculty to preview the new equipment and studio space.
*Mondays- 5pm-7pm*
*Wednesdays 10am-12pm*

The eStudio is a catalyst for digital dialogues that explore creative processes connecting tangible materials in hand and digital modes of fabrication with programmable machines. The eStudio is designed to create an inclusive and participatory environment that invites a reimagining of the permeable boundaries shaped by digital design and fabrication technologies, emerging materials and sustainable practices, experimental modes of making and tacit knowledge. The physical space provides a clean room required by the machines and a conceptual and cooperative learning place intended to enhance the experience of artists engaged in this creative research.

*Current Equipment:*
-PFAFF 8310 Ultrasonic Welder
[join and seal non-woven, textiles, synthetic fabrics and plastics without adhesives]
-Makerbot Cupcake -3-D printer
[print 3D objects [with internal voids and moveable parts] in ABS plastic up to 4x4x6"]
-Roland Vinyl Cutter (Camm-1 Servo GX-24)
[cut vinyl, fabric, cardboard, vellum, paper, thin metal foil circuits 2" to 27.5" wide]
-Husqvarna Designer SE Computer-Driven Embroidery Machine
[sew, embroider image files, and create soft circuits with conductive thread]
-Soldering and Electronics prototyping area
[integrate electronics and the capacity for interactivity, responsiveness, and wearables]
-Cintiq 21UX
[use interactive pens and brushes to draw directly on the surface of a 21.3" LCD display]


Welcome to "Make Anything Talk to Anything". On this blog you will find the syllabus, the weekly schedule; these important pages will be always accessible through direct links under the "Pages" heading in the right column of this blog.

This blog will also be our forum for shared discussions and resources that will accumulate over the semester.   Check out the class blog from last year for a hint of what's to come.

Note also the UMN Experimental and Media Arts Blog which contains many useful references and resources for creative work with new media.