Course Description

The topic for the semester is "Practice, Research and Teaching".  We explore the subtleties of how creative research intersects with making and teaching through studio based critiques, iterative refinements of personal research and teaching narratives, analysis of local arts organizations/institutions/collectives, stabs at grant-writing strategies, and round table discussions with invited guests. 

In light of the rare and valuable setting of this course (all-area, all-second-year graduate seminar), we focus on conversational practices that cross media boundaries and attempt to develop languages and tactics that are allow for constructive cross-disciplinary critique.  

The aim of the course is twofold: First, to develop a clearer understanding of one's own research and making process and how it affects one's role as an artist within and outside of academia; Second, to advance the clarity with which one speaks and writes about one's creative practice.

Course Requirements

  1. Studio Critiques: two per person per semester
  2. Personal research and teaching narratives: three drafts through the course of the semester
  3. Participation in all-day, all-faculty, all-grad critique (Nov. 2, 2010)
  4. Participation in round table discussions on research, teaching and making
  5. Verbal participation in discussions
  6. EITHER/OR: 1) Research presentation on one local arts organization (e.g. Walker, MIA, Soap Factory, High Point, Northern Clay, 1419, Bedlam, Medusa, Intermedia, Midway, etc.)  2) Preparation of a significant grant application for [actual] submission in the near future


Discussions and critiques: You will be evaluated based on the quality and quantity of your participation during studio critiques.
Writing/Narratives: You will be evaluated based on the progress of your two personal narratives and your ability to turn constructive feedback into textual clarity.

Recommended Texts

Madoff, Steven Henry.  "Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century)". The MIT Press (2009) [Amazon]

Buster, Kendall and Paula Crawford.  "The Critique Handbook: The Art Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide (2nd Edition)". Prentice Hall (December 4, 2009). [Amazon]

Sullivan, Graeme. "Art Practice as Research: Inquiry into the Visual Arts." Thousand Oaks (2005). [Amazon]

Postman, Neil and Charles Weingartner. "Teaching as a Subversive Activity." Delta (July 15, 1971) [Amazon]




What is the due date for the first draft/outline of our "personal research and teaching narratives"? And, just to clarify: these are two separate documents, one for research and one for teaching, correct?


Hey Andy,
On the calendar, it says the first drafts are due 9/24. And I believe Ali said he would post examples of both research and teaching narratives. But like you, I'm not exactly sure if we are supposed to do two outlines?