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Week 3 Readings: Freud

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Freud, Sigmund, The "Uncanny", (1919).

PDF is here.

Microcontroller + Cycling '74 Max

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This entry outlines the necessary ingredients for getting a Teensy (our choice of arduino compatible micro-controller) communicating with Cycling '74's Max programming environment.


  1. Our micro-controller: Teensy/Teensy++ 2.0 (important reference page here)
  2. Programing for our microcontroller:  Arduino IDE (install, including "FTDI drivers")
  3. Teensy/Arduino IDE link: Teensyduino (install Teensyduino and Teensy Loader, use latest BETA!)
  4. Programming environment for our computer: Cycling '74's Max
  5. Max patch for communicating with an arduino/teensy: Maxuino 0.7 (install)


1.  In order to use Maxuino, you must load the "StandardFirmata" sketch onto the teensy/arduino.  It's under File>Examples>Firmata...
2.  Input/Output pin numberings are on the Teensy Reference Pages

Important on-line reference/help:

1.  Arduino forum (search for anything arduino related)
2.  Max Forum (search for type-of-sensor and/or arduino)
3.  Instructables (search for anything + arduino)
4.  Make Blog (search for anything + arduino)
5.  SparkFun (a vendor, but good reference for what sensors there are)
6.  YouTube (search for anything + arduino)

latest with firmata:
use THIS firmata sketch.
Firmata.zip: this folder should replace:


Regis Woodshop + Metalshop training

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Mark Knierim, art department tech superviser is offering a 1-time shop training.
If you haven't had this training, it is required before you're allowed to use the shops.

Time: Friday (1/29/10), 1.45pm
Where: Regis East Building Woodshop
Duration: 1 hour (or less)

Please be there if you've yet received the lessons!


Week 4 Artists: ShadowLight Theater

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ShadowLight Theater (see videos below)

Soldering Tutorial

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Week 3 Artists: Kessler/McCoy

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Week 2 Readings: Kentridge/Kleist

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"In Praise of Shadows"
William Kentridge
Introduction to exhibition catalog "In Praise of Shadows"
PDF here.

"On the Marionette Theatre"
Heinrich von Kleist, Thomas G. Neumiller
The Drama Review: TDR, Vol. 16, No. 3, The "Puppet" Issue (Sep., 1972), pp. 22-26
Published by: The MIT Press
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1144768
PDF here.

Week 2 Artists: Heron of Alexandria/Shore/Fisher

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