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A Bikers Perspective Sample

Here's some clips of what a got Kalen! I have a good chunk of forward moving riding and from the behind, but I though I would throw a couple other shots that I did for fun in there cuz they looked pretty neat:)

OUTING #1 - Kevin And Kalen - 10th street show

Interactive Perspective Biking!

-Computer #16
-1 magic arm for projector
-VGA to DVI Adapter
-Macbook Power Cord
-Bike Trainer

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• Projector (cables, etc)
• Laptop
• Speakers (audio cables)

• Attention grabbing (for bikers)
1. Fast paced
2. Accessible
3. Eye-catching
4. Uncommon (content-framing)
• Simple
1. Cohesiveness
• Aesthetics
• Content
2. Focus
• Artistic
• Literal (point of view of audience)
3. Efficient with materials

• Costumes
• Colors (bright)
• Modern interpretation of spring (technology vs. nature)
• Geometric
• Neon
• Metallic
• Avoiding spacey/cheesy cliché (still quirky)

• SPRING!!! (Celebration)
o Metaphorically: renewal, revealing of past decay, exposed a snap-shot of tribulation (of people and of plants)

Liam & Bradley - Greenway Proposal

Imposing a busy, full of traffic, urban feeling into the greenway, which has the illusion of being a non-urban location.

Needed: Laptops 16 & 17, 2 BenQ Projectors, somewhat loud speakers, 2 magic arm, .

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Zach and Casey's Outing

Shadow puppets with pre-recorded video background, similar to Casey and Nicola's first project.
We will need
-external camera
-2 magic arms (one for cam, one for projector)
-light pad
-lap top 15

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