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"Future" project text

Here's the text from Sean and Nicola's project on the greenway:

We woke up in this place. There are colors enveloping us like a blanket. peacefulness. Water flowing, eroding the ancient stone. Where are we? A field of poppies lure us. They lure us to bliss. Bright red flowers. The color of mother's lipstick. We travel forward. There is a forest. We see a tree taller than the empire State Building, wider than the titanic. There are birds chirping above our heads, flying, feeding. The bugs try to escape, moving faster than they ever understood, the molecules of air brushing upon their stomachs, caressing them, comforting them, telling them it will all be ok. We move branches out of the way so our heads can pass through this forest. A single hair gets caught on a piece of bark. We leave our marks unknowingly for some being to find and wonder about. We see the touch of time on these living organisms. But we wonder where our likenesses are. Where the gentle giggle of a newborn baby or the soft kissing of lovers can be heard by those who listen. Where the connections can be made by complete strangers by purely sharing something. We can see someone approaching from the distance. She walks slowly and methodically. Her gentle rhythm of footsteps from right to left, right to left, calm us. We know we will feel the touch of humans again. Our fallen dead skin cells will mingle with those of our friends. They will combine and create a fine layer of dust which will then trace which places we use most, what objects we need. As she comes closer, she speaks with her eyes. She tells us to follow her. As we walk, the forest changes. We walk through a desert, but we have no thirst to quench. We see silent silhouettes approaching on the horizon. They call for us with all the love in this world. Their voices encase us, suck out the pain, the poisons of snakebites. They leave us with a sense of belonging. We belong here, this is our home, and these people are our family. We sit down and find the ground to be overwhelmingly comfortable. We lay down and our senses quiet. We are suspended in this place. We sleep.

Nicola's St. Anthony Main text

Here is the text I wrote for the last project at St. Anthony Main:

I try to fall asleep here.
I close my eyes.
Wait for slumber to overwhelm my senses.
wait for the quiet.
I see blank white space.
Thin solid lines move across my field of vision,
quietly walking from one side to the other.
they begin to tangle
into knots.
(this next section was call/response with Globalization talk in music)
jagged knots.
I cannot sleep.
the knots tangle and bend
jerk upwards suddenly
pull downwards.
I try to climb them but I run out of oxygen
altitude sickness.

My arms reach upwards,
pulling the weight of my body
onto the rocks.
the jagged edges ripping my clothing.
a single piece splits between the atoms in my thigh.
a small droplet of blood emerges
the red cells race to clot the small leisure.
bumping into one another.
playing tag, twister and sardines.
ring around the rosy.
A scab forms, and heals, the scab falling to the ground
to be buried with the dead leaves,
to grow into spring grass.

I breathe.
The tangle loosens
I pull the loose threads and put them back into their place.
the lines fade into the open space.
I am content.
I sleep.

Blowing Away? - - Kevin C. Walker, Kalen Keir - - 04/15/2010

Mini Outing after class on Thursday. Just a fun little project. Wanted to work "no edge projecting" mixed with identification of architecture and the outdoor surroundings. Will he Blow away?

"Ugly Campus" - Liam


Artists: Please post images/videos from the project.
Others: Please post your critique of the work as a reply to this post.

Miniature My World - Casey/Zachary/Joey


Post your Reflection to Miniature My World.

Sleep Prevention - Nicola


Post your reflection to Nicola's Sleep Prevention piece.

The Spiritual Sand - Jane and Mel


Post your reflections for Jane and Mel's Spiritual Sand Piece.

Post your reflections below for Kevin and Kalen's larger scale and reversed Interactive biker Piece.

The Anticipated Water Pipe - Sean and Friends


Post your reflections below for the group members who made the Water Pipe Piece.

Thursday April 8 Outing: Saint Anthony Main


Where we're going and how we'll go:

View Larger Map

This week, I would like everyone to be prepared with everything they need for the outing at 6pm. That means prior to our 6pm meeting time, you must reserve and retrieve the computer you need, the projector you need, all the cables you need, all the accessories. etc.

I will take care of the following:
1. generators
2. gas
3. sound system for the route

Please post a reply to this entry, on your team's behalf, with the following info:
1. your collaborating team members
2. what gear you need

Looking forward!

Jane/Meena: Urban Rural experience


Urban Rural experience;
Video and Still images, stop motion drawings.

Kalen/Kevin: Interactive bike ride


Take a seat on the bike, choose a location, and let the experience begin! the scenes were projected on the wall, while Kalen and Kevin made the ride more exciting.

Bradley/Liam: Cars on the greenway


A projection of cars driving projected on the wall of the greenway

Mel: projection with live music


Mel had some projections of color and characters that she projected while singing and playing harmonica.

Sean/Nicola: "Future" sound/ visual scape


Live music/ spoken word performance with projections of texture/landscapes and costumes done by Nicola and Sean

Casey/Zachary: Bike Love


Projection of bike shadow puppets on huge wall.

Responses for last outing

So, I decided to take the initiative in organizing the posts for last outing. I will make a titled post for each project, then state a very brief description, then in the comments on that post everyone can write their paragraphs. Sound good?

MAW Class First Outing Reflection - Kevin C. Walker

Last night was by far the most fun, school related, event that I have ever been affiliated with while I've been at college. Every ones pieces were really impressive and like Ali said I am also very proud of all of us for doing such a great job our first time out, and having a lot of fun while doing it! I am looking forward to going out and doing it again next week! Below are my reflections on everyone's piece. I am hoping to try my best to remember everything that I wanted to say from last night. If I do think of something in the future that I did not post this time, I will revise it so that it is in.

I don't remember the groups exactly so I'll describe the projection instead.

I found this projection very inspiring. The large scale format made the projection feel complex, yet the paper cutouts of the heart and bike were so simple. The mixture between these two characteristics was something that I really appreciated. I also appreciated the layout of hardware to project the piece. I was always a fan of super clean setups that without a lot of clutter, and I feel it is important to the viewers of the piece to not be burdened with having an eye strain of looking at a bunch of wires. It also makes you look professional and I think you guys did a great job with it. Lastly, I wanted to say that you guys did a great job creating a piece that attracted people to stop and enjoy the piece as well as ask what the projection was all about. I do wish I could have seen the piece lined up nicely with the architecture of the building without any edges showing. I think the location in which you set up was your biggest downfall. If you could have set up on the hill across the greenway from your original location you might have been able to get a clean projection without any architecturally misaligned edges. But overall I liked the idea and it looked great.

I loved the colors and masking in this project. The moving, circle masked, images made me think that they were bubbles on the screen and I spent the rest of the time thinking about how that could be used more. Additionally, the physical performance of incorporating the harmonica into the small amp speaker was very original; if the harmonica were on any other kind of speaker, it would have not worked as well as it did with that small, distorted speaker. I really appreciated the high detail in the characters in the piece when the transparency button in live draw was used. The three "goddesses" looked very impressive with the colors moving around in the detailed and somewhat fragile dark areas of their bodies. Overall I want to say that I am personally blown away by your ability to do such a great job performing this piece with no one other than yourself. It was very impressive and it makes me ask myself what I could do better to improve my self-efficiency. Although I liked the piece very much, I felt as though the content was not suitable to the location and I felt that the piece did not embody the culture of the greenway. If there was a connection to the location, I could not really find it. Is there a connection to the location in any way? I am curious.

I apologize, I did realize that this projection was actually taking place when it was, and I failed to actually see the piece. I would have really liked to see it. I am going to look at the reflections that other had on the piece and I will revise this section on things that I appreciate about things about your project that other people say. I apologize again, hopefully I will have another chance to see it.

Wow. Your outfits definably deserve more praise than it received after your piece was done. Those costumes looked amazing in the psychedelic light of the projector and I have to let you know that I think that they really helped in a major way with your piece. In addition to the costumes, I really appreciated the sense of insight into the piece with the poem/story that Nicola read, and although Sean did not say anything, I felt a similar presence with him as well. I also found the location your piece was held in was a perfect place. It seemed hidden and secluded; the exact setting I imagined the piece to take place in. The columns also did a great job of framing the piece which made it appealing and easy to focus my attention. I did have a hard time hearing what Nicola was saying during her speech/dialogue due to the volume of the music being played by Sean; it would have been nice to hear everything she said. But overall I found the piece really interesting! I appreciated the performance aspect of the projection and I think it did a lot for your piece.

The ideology behind this project was very interesting and innovative. It opened a new realm of urban projection that I don't think anyone has really tapped into, and that is what I'm going to call Flash Viewing (where the viewers only see the projection for a split second. I find it very inspiring. I appreciated how you guys took the perspective approach, similar to what we did, to make the wall feel as though it keeps going. I also appreciated that the clip was sped up; it helped me see it as something more than just a video of cars moving around. I am not sure if you guys had this in mind, but I could see this being a piece that has multiple locations both day and night. I liked the idea a lot and I could see it having a lot of potential.

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