"Future" project text

Here's the text from Sean and Nicola's project on the greenway:

We woke up in this place. There are colors enveloping us like a blanket. peacefulness. Water flowing, eroding the ancient stone. Where are we? A field of poppies lure us. They lure us to bliss. Bright red flowers. The color of mother's lipstick. We travel forward. There is a forest. We see a tree taller than the empire State Building, wider than the titanic. There are birds chirping above our heads, flying, feeding. The bugs try to escape, moving faster than they ever understood, the molecules of air brushing upon their stomachs, caressing them, comforting them, telling them it will all be ok. We move branches out of the way so our heads can pass through this forest. A single hair gets caught on a piece of bark. We leave our marks unknowingly for some being to find and wonder about. We see the touch of time on these living organisms. But we wonder where our likenesses are. Where the gentle giggle of a newborn baby or the soft kissing of lovers can be heard by those who listen. Where the connections can be made by complete strangers by purely sharing something. We can see someone approaching from the distance. She walks slowly and methodically. Her gentle rhythm of footsteps from right to left, right to left, calm us. We know we will feel the touch of humans again. Our fallen dead skin cells will mingle with those of our friends. They will combine and create a fine layer of dust which will then trace which places we use most, what objects we need. As she comes closer, she speaks with her eyes. She tells us to follow her. As we walk, the forest changes. We walk through a desert, but we have no thirst to quench. We see silent silhouettes approaching on the horizon. They call for us with all the love in this world. Their voices encase us, suck out the pain, the poisons of snakebites. They leave us with a sense of belonging. We belong here, this is our home, and these people are our family. We sit down and find the ground to be overwhelmingly comfortable. We lay down and our senses quiet. We are suspended in this place. We sleep.