Nicola's St. Anthony Main text

Here is the text I wrote for the last project at St. Anthony Main:

I try to fall asleep here.
I close my eyes.
Wait for slumber to overwhelm my senses.
wait for the quiet.
I see blank white space.
Thin solid lines move across my field of vision,
quietly walking from one side to the other.
they begin to tangle
into knots.
(this next section was call/response with Globalization talk in music)
jagged knots.
I cannot sleep.
the knots tangle and bend
jerk upwards suddenly
pull downwards.
I try to climb them but I run out of oxygen
altitude sickness.

My arms reach upwards,
pulling the weight of my body
onto the rocks.
the jagged edges ripping my clothing.
a single piece splits between the atoms in my thigh.
a small droplet of blood emerges
the red cells race to clot the small leisure.
bumping into one another.
playing tag, twister and sardines.
ring around the rosy.
A scab forms, and heals, the scab falling to the ground
to be buried with the dead leaves,
to grow into spring grass.

I breathe.
The tangle loosens
I pull the loose threads and put them back into their place.
the lines fade into the open space.
I am content.
I sleep.