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Practical Exam: Contents


  • video: VGA, DVI, MiniDisplay, RCA, BNC
  • data: firewire mini/400/800/mini, usb/usb-mini, ethernet
  • audio: RCA, 1/8", 1/4", XLR


  • Magic Arm (every aspect of its magic)
  • DV Camera: connect to live draw
  • firewire camera: connect to live draw
  • imaging source fireware analog + digital + any analog camera
  • all cameras: zoom/focus/set-lighting-to-manual

Projectors (casios, benqs):

  • attach to magic arm
  • zoom
  • focus
  • keystone
  • brightness
  • contract
  • factory reset
  • align to architecture


  • live thru
  • layer
  • place layers (position and size)
  • loop from live
  • play file
  • adjust gain
  • transparency: make dark & light back-ground transparent
  • set camera "settings" in livedraw
  • navigate
  • restart
  • force quit
  • screen capture
  • switch between applications (Apple-TAB)
  • create a wireless network
  • join another computer's wireless networks
  • use ichat to send files back and forth
  • display settings: de/activate "Mirror Mode", set screen rez's, place screens

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