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Thursday April 8 Outing: Saint Anthony Main


Where we're going and how we'll go:

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This week, I would like everyone to be prepared with everything they need for the outing at 6pm. That means prior to our 6pm meeting time, you must reserve and retrieve the computer you need, the projector you need, all the cables you need, all the accessories. etc.

I will take care of the following:
1. generators
2. gas
3. sound system for the route

Please post a reply to this entry, on your team's behalf, with the following info:
1. your collaborating team members
2. what gear you need

Looking forward!

Liam & Bradley - Greenway Proposal

Imposing a busy, full of traffic, urban feeling into the greenway, which has the illusion of being a non-urban location.

Needed: Laptops 16 & 17, 2 BenQ Projectors, somewhat loud speakers, 2 magic arm, .

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Zach and Casey's Outing

Shadow puppets with pre-recorded video background, similar to Casey and Nicola's first project.
We will need
-external camera
-2 magic arms (one for cam, one for projector)
-light pad
-lap top 15

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