Art for the People/Art on Wheels is a vehicle for familiarizing and engaging students with the Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW) project, as well as a way for students to produce and show works of public art.

Minneapolis Art on Wheels is an on-going public arts initiative. We leverage advanced mobile technology to bring socially engaged art and technology into diverse communities. We aim to use the scale and accessibility of our exhibitions to make the Twin Cities an international leader in socially engaged and technologically enhanced creative projects. We are able to produce moving images up to several hundred feet, outdoors, in public spaces. Our emphasis on mobile devices (i.e. cellular phones) and gestural interaction with media (e.g. laser tag, real-time video tracking and gesture recognition) allows a wide audience to interact with mobile media. The project engages students in creative use of technology and materializes this engagement in the form of community outreach and temporary public art.

Course Objectives
The goals of the course are:
1) To introduce students to MAW's hardware and software instruments for public and mobile projection
2) To create opportunities for students to create and show works for sound and video in public spaces
3) To create a collaboratory where students from divergent backgrounds and with different skills can interact, collaborate, create and resarch the many possibilities of mobile technologies applied to public art.

Course Methodology
The course uses a practice based research model.  The format includes:
-lectures (on examples, potential applications and critique of urban projections) 
-practical demonstrations (for using projection hardware and software)
-presentations and critiques of student work (research and practical)
-mini-internships with MAW's collaborative projects and incoming resident artist
-studio work and original work created by students
-projection outings on and off campus

In the past years of the course, the disciplinary and technical backgrounds of students has been widely varied.   The course therefore assumes no specific prior knowledge (besides basic research skills with computers and the internet), but rather expects curiosity, sincerity and creative investment in experimentation with the mobile-urban-projection instrument.

The course meets once a week on thursday nights. As these meeting periods will be valuable times for part/full class outings, students are expected to spend significant time outside of the classroom familiarizing themselves with the instrument, and creating work (see here for CLA course ground rules).  To these ends, upon completion of an in-person practical exam with the instructor, students gain access to the full range of MAW's arsenal of mobile computing and projection equipment through the art department checkout system which includes laptops, cameras, projectors, mounting hardware, MAW trikes, trailers, etc. 

Weekly Schedule 

The breakdown for grading is as follows:
1) %25: Familiarity with MAW's instruments
2) %25: Contribution to group research project
3) %25: Final Project
4) %25: Attendance, Participation and Growth

Attendance is mandatory.  Missing more than 2 courses without written excuse will result in grade reduction.