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Making this video, i had an idea to visually express a mental process. I thought of the way ideas - or any other type of thoughts - come and go through the mind. The string tying itself into a knot is the visual representation of an idea itself - that is, a self-contained source of energy with the potential to be formed into a physical product or action. The water filling and emptying the jar on the right hand side is an abstraction for the way the mind can be alternately full and empty, able or incapacitated, to fulfill the potential in a idea. The knot catches fire as it becomes more and more entangled, a representation of the idea "fizzling out."
So the video is a symbolic - and very simplified - representation of a certain cycle in the mind, in which ideas come and go, entering into realization or fizzling out into nothingness entirely by chance according to whether or not the elements in the mind are aligned correctly to capacitate the realization ofthe idea's potential.
That being said, this video is an idea not fully realized. There is no represenatation per se of when an idea "gets through" and its potential is realized. This is something i couldn't think of quite how to express, but would like to, as i think it would be a step towards completely realizing the potential in this idea.


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