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Peter Browne-Motion Study

My idea for this project was to make a video that emphasized the sensation of motion. I shot twenty minutes of video of a train moving, and of people walking, through a bus window. I wanted to have the motion of both videos on a continuous control, so I set up a patch that allows frames to be advanced through the movement of a computer mouse. It is because of this that sometimes the video posted on this blog looks choppy. When the mouse stops the video stops, and when you can't move the mouse anymore because it runs out of cord, the video slows down to a stop. I would like to try to use a more smooth continuous control, but nevertheless I find the current interface fun and interesting especially to observe the motion of people's strides. I chose to play the close-up video of the train next to the footage of people's legs moving to add to the viewers sense of motion without adding another distinct context, just more visually recognizable movement. I also added a color control component to the video of the train in and attempt to further abstract the video from reality and add another visual control.