September 5, 2007

Syllabus - Grading

Attendance and participation in the course is required and unexcused absences may result in failure. The overall grading scheme is based on a case-by-case evaluation of each student's growth and progress. As I expect a wide range of backgrounds and degrees of proficiency with software, I shall make every effort to evaluate each student based on their starting point and the motivation, effort, enthusiasm, time and energy that he/she contributes to the class.

Grading will be on a scale of 0-10:
9.5+=A; 9-9.4=A-; 8.5-8.9 =B+; 7.6-8.4 = B; 7-7.5=B-; 6.5-6.9 = C; 6-6.4=C-; 5-5.9=D; 0-4.9=F.

Syllabus - Weekly schedule

Week 1: Introduction to Max/MSP/Jitter: Real-time control programming with an object-oriented data-flow language.
Weeks 2-3: The Pixel: Algorithmic control
Week 4: Project 1: abstract and generative video
Weeks 5-7: The Moving Image: Working with narrative or abstract video
Week 8: Project 2: narrative/abstract moving image
Weeks 9-10: The Instrument: creating real-time video performance instruments
Week 11: Project 3: performance video instrument
Weeks 12-13: The 3rd Dimension: projecting video on non-screens.
Weeks 14-15: Project 4: Final Project

August 26, 2007

Syllabus - Course Description

The course concentrates on abstract and generative software based techniques for experimental video. The primary tool for the course is Cycling 74's Max/MSP and Jitter.

The emphasis of the course is twofold: 1) mastering the Max/MSP/Jitter environment to the point of utilizing it creatively, 2) actual creative output in the form of three smaller compositional projects and one larger final creative project.

Office hours will be held on Tuesdays from 10-11am in my office, Regis W222.