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We will use two primary online resources for working collaboratively: 1) an online spreadsheet with heirarchical organization of our web-sites content, and a shared network derive with a matching heirarchy of files and folders, 2) a shared network drive where we can copy stores and folders.  Here is how you access these two resources:

1)  CLA-OIT has created an online spreadsheet that will be their development teams guide for creating our new website (see below).  You have all been given access to this spread-sheet.  In order to find the relevant part of this spreadsheet you must go this this url, log in, and click on the "Department of Art" tab in the bottom of the page:

If you have trouble getting access to this spreadsheet, please contact "Karen Bencke" <>

2)  Layla has set up a shared network drive to which we all have access.  To reach that drive, you must connect

For PC users, you should be able to just map to the S Drive, and look for the Web Redesign folder.

For Mac folks:
1. In Finder, select the Go menu
2. Under Go, select Connect to Server
3. In the server address box, type the following: smb://$
4. Click the + to add the serve to Favorite Servers
5. Log in with your internet ID and password
6.  Look for the folder called "Web Redisign"

NB: If you are off-campus, you must connect to the U network securely by using a VPN client.  Download the appropriate one from the UMN Office of Info Tech VPN page.

If you have trouble getting access to this spreadsheet, please contact "Layla Nereson" <>

Note that the ID/section numbers in the left most column of the spreadsheet correspond with the numbered folders on the shared drive, within the Web Redesign folder.

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  • Hi Ali and/or Layla: I cannot connect remotely to the server to upload my files. Must I be on campus to transfer these files or are there any work-arounds to doing this from home. I have Fetch on my computer but it doesn't want to connect to the above shared server address.

  • Hello Jan,
    Connecting to all U servers from off-campus requires that you sign in to the U network using a VPN (virtual private network) client. Our U uses a VPN client by Cisco; download the appropriate one for your computer here:

    The OIT page for VPNs is here.
    I'll also updated the original post to include this info.

  • Hi Ali,
    I have VPN by Cisco already and can connect to but still cannot find our shared drive: is the server address correct? Should I first be navigating to the art dept server space first before looking for the shared-drives there? I tried and, (plus the longer version of this you have posted above); neither works. I vaguely remember from before I went to California that I used to type in something like Or, am I to type in the into the VPN menu choices and start a new connection (I currently connect to using the Cisco app)?

  • The servers address is this full thing:


    you need the $ at the end too.

    1. open th eCisco VPN client, click on connect, log in with your U x500
    2. switch to the Finder (click somewhere on the desktop) and press Apple-K ("Connect to Server..." under the "Go" menu"
    3. put in the address above
    4. log in again with your x500

    if you have any troubles then, it might mean that your login isn't setup for the shared server; layla would be able to help that.

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