MONDAY: 11-5 with Celestine

TUESDAY: 10-2 with Sarah

WEDNESDAY: 10-2 with Sarah

THURSDAY: 10-2 with Sarah

FRIDAY: 11-5 with Celestine

To make an appointment visit the sign up sheet on the door of the tool crib in the woodshop of regis east. You may also call the tool crib at 612-624-4072 or email

*a new system of signing up will be implemented soon, so check back for more info on that.

Laser Cutter Basics: Preparing a file

user Illustrator (recommended by me) or CorelDraw (recommended by some others).

  • set up a document that's 48" x 24", RGB mode. here's is a illustrator template file
  • if building 3d things set grid-size matching your material's thickness
  • use RGB RED for vector cuts (all the way thru the material)
  • use RGB BLUE for vector engraves (part way thru the material)
  • use BLACK for raster engrave (part way through, laser moves back-forth across)
  • if working with images, "live trace", "live paint"  are your friends; if working with anything "pathfinder" is your friend.  look them up in Illustrator!

Google SketchUp/3D Warehouse, Origami and the Laser Cutter

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Some ideas for working with the laser cutter.

  • Download and install Google SketchUp
  • Build your own thing, or download some components from the 3d warehouse
  • If a flat cut (like gears), then view your model from the top, export a vector file (.eps), and
  • open the file in illustrator. Make the file conform to laser-cutter standards; cut
  • If building a 3d structure, consider using finger joints, OR, use a clever origrami program like 
  • Pepakura to UNFOLD your model; then export a vector file (.eps) from Pepakura, open in
  • Illustrator and make conform to laser-cutter standards