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November 25, 2007

Course Description

Title: Art for the People, Art on Wheels
The focus of this course is the form and function of art in our present day environment. This course will be a hands-on study of the practice of making public art as well as a historical and theoretical study of present day public art. The primary medium in this course is video; students will be asked to scavenge, edit and create video works. With the aid of various grants, we will construct a number of mobile projection units. Each of these units will be made up of a specially designed bicycle (, a generator, a laptop, a powerful project and a control interface. The mobile units will allow us to project visuals onto our urban environment (walls, buildings, streets, trees) as a way to create a form of ephemeral art. The models for this approach are organizatinos like Graffitti Research Labs (

For Video examples of GRL's work:

November 24, 2007

Art for the People/Art on Wheels Poster