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Panel Discussion, Feb. 13, 2:30-4:30

We are ON for a panel discussion on Feb. 13, 2:30-4:30pm, in Regis (room to be decided).

The event is during our class hours, but the start time gives us 1 hour to prepare our thoughts and space.

The participants are the following:
-Mary Altman, Minneapolis Art Commission Public Arts Coordinator (confirmed)
-Mike Hoyt, Director of Kulture Klub (confirmed)
-Nora Paul, Director of the Institute for New Media Studiesat the U of M (confirmed)
-Jim Nystrom, UMN Police officer responsible for West Bank and Athletic Facilities (confirmed)
-Tracy Smith, UMN General Council Attorney in charge of student activities (confirmed)
-Steve Johnson, UMPD Deputy Chief

I will act as a moderator for the first segment of the panel discussion (about one hour); we then open the discussion to questions and answers for another hour.

Please leave your thoughts on questions to ask and topics to address as comments to this post.


I am still waiting to hear back from my brother. I am thinking he will be fine with it, he is just doing his research right now. I will harass him tomorrow if I haven't heard back.