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March 31, 2008

some RNC links...

Unconventional Action

RNC Welcoming Committee

Protest RNC 2008

Indy Media

-> Twin Cities Indy Media

Midwest Action Network


I am just asking everyone to keep their eyes on the ground. If you happen to stumble upon something interesting ( a note, picture, something that someone left behind etc) you should pick it up and note where you found it (intersection). Don't feel like you have to touch anything too icky. And if you could bring it into class that would be great. Thanks

March 30, 2008

Trumpet Silhouette Projection

Download file

I would like to project my silhouette onto the many red, white and blue country music radio billboards around town. I will continue working on a jazz style star spangled banner. I could also play more jarring pieces like Taps followed by a 21 gun salute, or a Mexican fiesta piece. This project gives me motivation to practice my trumpet which has been sitting in my closet for far too long.

I could use a pure white light from the projector to create my silhouette or could possibly be a collaborative performance piece with someone on the Lemur dancing musical notes out the bell of my horn.

Thoughts or suggestions???

March 26, 2008

Art on Wheels google calendar

Please use this calendar to sign up for outings....

Good links


March 25, 2008

Andrea Steudel-Interdisciplinary Hands

Media Mill Video

March 23, 2008

Check out MN Daily

MN Daily has a short video clip on us on the website from Spark... I tried to save the video from the website but it wouldn't let me. Go to www.mndaily.com and look under 'Multimedia' and underneath that is "Graffiti Research Labs experiment with live, mobile, projected graffiti". Good stuff

March 21, 2008

Art on Wheels meets GRL @ Spark 2008, Outing!

Art on Wheels meets GRL @ Spark 2008, Preparations

March 12, 2008

Walking Mock-up

Non-linear edited walking in the Wilson Library and other hallways and sidewalks.

Download file

Where else would you like to see this done???

-davey t.

March 5, 2008

Graffiti Research and Art on Wheels

Media Mill Video

March 3, 2008

Student Group Stuff

Hey everyone,
If you volunteered to be an officer please electronically sign your Officer Declaration Form asap so we can get the next steps done.

A Constitution Needs to be written:
Writing guide: http://www.sua.umn.edu/groups/start/constitution-guide.php
sample constitutions: http://www.sua.umn.edu/groups/forms/constitution_1.pdf

here is one that i slightly edited: Download file
lots still needs to be done (ex: what do officers do? do we vote? etc.)

the equal opportunity form needs to be turned in:

We also need to make an appointment with a Student Unions and Activities Officer to discuss our constitution and turn in a $25 check.
to make an appointment: http://www.sua.umn.edu/groups/advising.php

Our groups ID number is 2131.

We don't get the liability insurance and other benefits until we finish all the steps so we should probably get it done sooner rather than later.