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Not so great start

Media Mill Video

So we made it all the way to East bank before poor Ben had an unfortunate run-in with some well-hidden cement stairs. His jaw was broken in two places and will require re-constructive surgery. His spirit was not broken, though, as he requested that we document his experience and that we continue the outing while he was escorted to the hospital. Stay well sedated Ben!! :)


Just visited Ben in the hospital; He is indeed in remarkable spirits, will be going under surgery tomorrow, and will have his mouth closed for some time....

Visit him if you get a chance:

Room 6A 212
Fairview University Campus Hosptial
500 Harvard St.
Minneapolis, MN 55455 Room 6A 212

BEN!!!!!!! oh no!!!! i hope u are ok!! ahaha i've seen you navigate untamed rainforest and raging bioluminescent waters but stairs?? oh man. please get better soon! i will most definitely be visiting you when i get back in the state :) p.s. i'll sneak u some haribo (i hope u can still eat those!)