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follow-up course to Make Anything Talk to Anything

hello all,
here's the reference to the course i mentioned yesterday:

ARTS 8600 Time and Interactivity: Theory and Practice
Topic: "Mechanical Theaters and Toy Orchestras"

89685 -013 STU , 01:25 P.M. - 04:25 P.M. , Th (01/19/2010 - 05/07/2010) , Regis W123 , TCWESTBANK , Momeni,Ali , 3 credits , Topic: "Mechanical Theaters and Toy Orchestras"
6 of 10 seats open

Here are some examples of works/artists that relate to the course:

John Kessler
William Kentrige (in particular the latest kinetic theaters)
Kevin and Jennifer McCoy
Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher