February 4, 2008

Ps and Cs

+ Aspects of activism that are typically off-putting (damaging property, disturbing the peace) will be avoided, thus minimizing marginalization/discomfort

+ Seeing unusual projections in a public space will heighten peoples' awareness of the advertisements that they are subjected to on a daily basis

+ I'm gonna get to bike for a class!!

-, it's all good


Yes, our project will allow people to see public spaces as opportunities for new art in the community.
And we give art a new way to be presented.

I am very interested in creating art works based on computer skill. ( even i am not good enough) Personally i like "art" including as more work as possible.


Of course , I can image that some people will get mad at "the loud speakers". And the projector can be a little bit too in your face and keep in mind don't force people to be part of it.

February 1, 2008



  1. Give people pause to notice their environment and each other.

  2. People are empowered.

  3. We make new friends in the community.


  1. Commercial marketers get excited and it gets co-opted in less than three months.

  2. Permanent retinal damage.

  3. Nobody cares.

January 28, 2008

pros cons

everyone has some really good ideas and mine overlap with most so i'll try to be short so it's not overdone


turning not used space or ugly space into something beautiful - wasted space into a space for everyone to enjoy

promoting the local art scene.. local artists, students, musicians if possible, maybe even trying to get local graffiti artists to create something for us- to show that graffiti is more than spray paint and tags but can truly be beautiful art. collaborating on projects with local artists and or students. maybe even working with local musicians/hip hop groups/ bands for the music we can play

community interaction - make the community aware and become involved in the project by creating a website and then promoting the website using a variety of mediums. through the website we could track exactly how many people notice what we are broadcasting and from where, and maybe even ask for ideas, or have the public create their own message/art/whatever that we could then project... an ongoing project with the community. i really want to be as interactive as possible. also, i think it would be really neat to work with kids, maybe even going to the schools and having the kids create their own art that we could display on the outsides of their schools, or going to high schools and using their projects. just an idea

reggae dance party. enough said.

getting the biking community of the twin cities to back us up. they could be a street team for us and we could all spread the message of saving our resources by biking instead of driving.

i think we are all on agreement here that we need to be as respectful as possible

breaking the equipment

hurting ourselves/others. getting into an accident with a bike of steel speakers projectors and laser pointers = ouch.

i also think it's a great idea to practice on a variety of mediums so we can get a feel for what looks best ie brick, stone, trees, earth, streets, etc. getting used to riding the bikes and using the equipment. practice setting up and safely putting away the bikes/equipment.

location idea: i think a good practice spot close to the U is along 14th ave on route to como ave just after 8th st. there is a train bridge and along both sides of the street are blank cement walls. this way we can practice somewhere close while also getting some really good exposure by tons of u of m students, walkers, bikers, buses etc. also, the RAD tower could be a close practice spot before going to further away mills etc

Ben's Pros and Cons

Scenarios – what I imagine could happen when one has a bike with loud speakers and a projector

☺ ? signifies positive
☹? signifies negative

I could image:
☺Creating an interactive game that is projected on a space that promotes community play – perhaps creating a “big game? within a space and use the projector as a communication system (i.e. score keeper, clue giver, time keeper)
☺Projecting on the grain stacks at the old mill on the river
☺Creating custom software that allows us to create responsive environments (Myron Krueger, Interactive Architecture, etc.)
☺ Creating an alternative (non site specific) mode of activation
☹Having people use the machine to marginalize, suppress, or hurt others.
☹Blinding a window washer
☹taking away the interactive (in a broad sense) nature of the project – it is important for me that this device is used to empower not to advertise/promote



1. We're in a residential neighborhood, and lots of people come out and feel really engaged in what we're doing.

2. We work with students to create content. They bring their friends and family out - and every has a really great time.

3. We work with the city to create a large scale project. We have a huge event, and it brings people together.


1. We don't involve the community in what we're doing - and they felt left-out.

2. We accidently distract drivers/bikers/etc. - we cause pain and suffering. Frownie faces all around...

3. We're not friends of the eco-system, and make a bunch of trees and fresh air cry.

+ and -

Lots of amazing ideas so far! I'll try not to repeat any.

~ + ~

1. really amazing giant shadow puppet show! could be satirical, but should be funny and have characters...not simply "oh look,this big dog is eating this smaller thing..."

2. collaboration with the community! this is an amazing resource/tool that we will have....we could possibly take submissions of ideas from community groups each year (or from kids!) and then jury them

3. How far can we take these bikes? Doing a mini- tour (eventually) would be amazing!

~ - ~

1. The reaction from the community/ university is bad (seen as disruptive,etc)...The university decides to not have this class anymore...:(

2. We have such problems deciding on the content, that not everyone is still excited when it comes around to actually using the bikes.

3. We manage to create a bad relationship with the police...they bother us at most of our "events" despite our attempts to assure them that everything is legal, etc.

Hadija's + & -

1. Keep the childlike aspect in this endevor. Having something that is so new and so different makes it very exciting and keeping that youthfulness in it will not only make it more fun, but keep it from getting to political.
2. Bring awareness to the Twin Cities history. Many of the larger buildings in the TC have great history, but that history isn't known about or it is being lost with new construction.
3. I can't remember my third +, when I do I will put it here.

1. My brother finds out.
2. What do we do exactly if approached by the police? Have a plan, know our rights, etc.
3. Someone or something gets hurt.

January 27, 2008

three pro cons

1) art in nonart spaces for all!
2) enthusiasm !
3) beauty.
1) wreckless use of our power.
2) wrecks!
3) not holding on to the excitement we all feel now.

Pos / Neg

Our work will allow people to see public spaces as opportunities for new and unconventional art in the community

Our locations provide artistic and creative statements outside of the traditional museum environment, and into the daily routine of all who see

Graffiti messages to a specific audience or group can create a more personal and direct experience for them

Grudges/rivalries/etc. in our group could arise over what content to project and what our goals are

Older generations could miss our artistic goals and view us a rebel group just out to make trouble

Misuse of our Laser Guided Art could result in our equipment to be confiscated indefinitely....... preventing it being used at the RNC

+ and - (ilana)

1) PUBLIC EYE: we can use the real time camera feature to witness an event and hold people accountable. Embarrass. Expose.

1A) and then, we can use different projectors to respond to the event. Ie, laser pointer messages. (we see you!) or have art happening ajacent. It could be a powerful example of turning reality and fear and injustice into art. or something for people to look at with new eyes.

2) we flyer a few days before, talk to community centers in the area, connect with people we know that live in a certain neighborhood that we are coming and will have an open forum. they can write, project, bring art stories dance moves ANYTHING that they want to show their community. fun.

3) we create a photo montage of sweatshops, the workers, their conditions, their pay, their lives... and the products they are making that belong to the company whose building provides a canvas for our projectors.

1) the cops come and we dont know our rights
so +: we hand them a card with the exact law. and we all go home happy.

2) our project is amazing. it's a video and it just so happens that the lead female role is not dressed modestly. maybe there are some swear words. we are projecting it on the 400 Bar in the west bank and a group of somali men are standing nearby and feel uncomfortable that thier religious beliefs are interupted by 'haram' or taboo situations that they have no control over. they get frustrated with the university and its privileges and inconsiderate behavior.

3) our privileges (as university students, many of us white...) follow us wherever we go in the city. and we need to be fully conscious of that before we do anything, anywhere. (even just playing music. what music? where?)

We take up space, and are usually allowed to without a problem because of white supremacy and class privileges.

Heba pros and cons

align with other art organizations for community related work (being that there are so many art organizations that have such mission statements)

create projects that are site specific to interact with the architecture/space of a chosen location

address the potential power of interactivity and create projects that go beyond the 2-dimensional projected surface that will allow audience participation and interaction in real-time

we lose sight of the potential in "art" and the projects become too gimmicky

we focus too much on outsider input and don't address our own ideas as a class

we only reach audiences from a particular group, as opposed to a range of people

January 26, 2008

Some more Pros and Cons


Use the Mobile Art Trike... M.A.T!!! to enhance, minipulate and distort billboards, adds and signs around the city. I think this has a few things working for it. First off, these signs are flat, usually have neutral backgrounds, plus they get lots of attention from people.

Use the projectors to mimic one of those scrolling led displays, the kind that show weather, breaking news and time. This could be anything like a video, pictures of a running tally of somthing

Finally the last pro i have is because these are bikes we can take them places where most cars are not allowed. Im thinking the nicollet mall and the greenway. Both have a high volume of people on them.


These trikes will be heavy, combersom and fragile. We need to "street" prof as much as we can before we take them out. The idea for the road case is a very good idea. ALso we WILL need spare parts for these things. Chains break, you get flats all the time and we should be prepared.

another problem i see, that others have brought up is trying to distance our selves from groups that have a strong agenda. These should be used as a tool for art making, not propaganda, though some humor or sarcasm always is good to me:P

lastly, i think from a pure technical standpoint, these bikes may take longer to assemble then we all think. Im not sure what state thier going to be ariviing in but these kinds of projects ALWAYS take longer then you think, and we should really plan ahead to overcome this.

thats all ive got!

January 25, 2008

Pht pros and cons

Create mission statement. one or two sentences that describe what we are up to and want to create. Create visual identity, including team patches/buttons/flags.

use the Mobile Art Unit to give a voice to the communities where it projects. use submissions from neighbors to create the material projected. like TJ's idea of trans-oceanic communication.

make the project as green as possible, ideas for on bike power generation use batteries and a charger on the bike. perhaps a charger station at school for batteries.

work to not be associated with groups that have strong political agenda, make the thing about ART.
dont want to be seen as a 'young thing' want to be relevant to as many ages as possible.

hmm, I am so psyched I cant seem to remember any of the other cons.
one more pro
think about it as a problem solver, what problems need to be solved and how can the bikes do it? even problems that are not recognized as problems yet. maybe a better way to say it is address needs before they are known.

January 24, 2008

Positives and Negatives

I think that before we start doing projects with community involvement and some of the more ambitious plans that came up yesterday, we should do something simple, to get the feel of the equipment and just some basic experience. Some of the positive and negative ideas I brought up yesterday were using the projector to highlight certain architecture features on some of the more interesting buildings. Taking the existing structure and adding even more life to it. I was also concerned about reflective surfaces and what happens when the projector hits them. I think a good starting point to work on both of these things would be to project onto the Weismann museum. It is one of the more interesting buildings in the city and it is just one big reflective surface, and I couldn't think of any building that would be more reflective than it. This way we could just get some practice with using the equipment on something more than just a flat wall (this allows to see how much the projected image will distort on convex and concave surfaces which there are many) and also to judge how much the projection will be reflected. I think if it doesn't reflect at all from the museum, we'd be pretty safe to project it anywhere without worrying about reflections. Plus, the building is just across the river, so it would be an easy and convenient test that could be done once the first bike is built.

January 23, 2008

Worksman Three Wheeler Colors

We must choose the colors for the other two bikes.
The first is Orange.

the other......?

Color options: