April 18, 2008


this is one of the bikes. pre speaker cabinets and color coded cords or lens caps


here is a pic of the bike on its experiment marathon

February 13, 2008

Mission Statement ideas

Mission as is stands now
The (Rolling Art Unit?) exists to diffuse art, engage with community and claim/explore urban public space for artists, students and residents with the use of bike-mobilized media disseminators.

Values Statements:

The Rolling Art Unit
We value the power of art in it’s own right
We value the power of art to facilitate community engagement
We value communities and individuals
We value and respect diversity of opinion, voice and peoples
We hope to expand people’s notions of what art can be
We value alternative modes of transportation
We strive towards a sustainable project
We strive to give voice to communities

see document for full texts and initial mission words

Download file

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top names

name possibilities listed in vote order

Mobile Projection (prolific) Laboratory System (MPLS) 8
mobile art projection project (MAPP) 7
broadcast art team (BAT) 5
(there was discussion that the two below should be combined)
Rolling Art Wonder (R.A.W.) -4
Urban Rolling Art Works (U-R.A.W.) 4

Art Bike 3
Rolling Art Unit 3
Visually Artistic Mobile Projected Interactive Rolling Expedition (or Experience) - (V.A.M.P.I.R.E.) 2.5
team urban projection (team UP) 2
project projection 2
Urban Art Broadcast 1.5
radiant wheels 1
Roving Art Unit 1
Broadcast Art Technology (B.A.T.) 1

February 11, 2008

City of Mpls public art guidelines

this is a link to the City of Mpls guidelines for placing art on city property
Mary Altman, City of Minneapolis public art administrator will be a part of our panel on wed.
She manages the Public Art Advisory panel and the Arts Commissioners who make decisions about public art in the City

January 29, 2008

Opportunity for exposure/documentation of what we are doing!

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

check the website:


bold-ed is the part I think that we could participate in...

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January 28, 2008

Public Image To Do List

***1) create mission/values statement (Peter)
2) name (Nic)
3) logo (pending on name)
4) website (Heba)
-change domain URL according to name (Ali)
5) network: myspace, flikr, facebook, etc (Kara)
6) promotional material : buttons, stickers, patches, headbands, flags, posters, etc etc (all)
-checking on embroidery machine: Heba
7) ongoing documentation of our project, photo documentation (Peter, Heba)

Name brainstorming

Throw out some ideas on what you want our name to be

Mission Statement

List 3 words/concepts you want included in the mission statement