February 14, 2008

Graffiti Documentary Friday afternoon!

A friend told me about this graffiti documentary screening and thought it might be relevant (or entertaining) to our project. I'm going to try to check it out, come join me if you'd like. - Dave

--- This is the message I was forwarded ---

FWD: Graffiti documentary screening on Campus. Please distribute.

What: Screening of the new documentary on global graffiti BOMB IT,
directed by Jon Reiss.

When: Friday, 15 Feb. at 1:00pm (93 minute run-time).

Where: Anderson 350 (West Bank)

Free, all are welcome, informal showing.

For information contact Stefano Bloch, Department of Geography,

January 30, 2008

for your enjoyment: subversive art

alright friends.

so these are two things i have been a part of at one point or another. they are hilarious. and could could could play into some bike projection fun.

maybe if you ask ill do something in class :)

January 28, 2008

Dot Matrix Bike

if you have never seen this, check it out.
watch the video


I was lucky enough to see this piece of spray paint fine art in london this summer. I'm pretty sure it is one of Banksy's. As Ilana said, check him out... he has some interesting works that can change people's perspective of what graffiti can mean


January 27, 2008

Check out Banksy

I know we are all a bit critical of graffiti and its role in the public art world-

as a pegged political friend, i would like to invite you to check out some really incredible graffitti art.