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EMA Area Meeting: Friday Feb. 19, 10am-11.30am

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Agenda Items:

With grads and tech staff:
  • Updates on infotech fees grant
  • Upgrade of checkout equipment what is spec'd on current grant applications and what is needed beyond that.
  • Upkeep of installation space, sound room, and use of old TA space for film editing equipment. 
  • Schedule for "renovation" of P & I space and Sound Studio should the Info Tech Fees grant be awarded.
  • Schedule for upgrade of computers.
  • Maintenance of checkout equipment.
  • Future area funding and grant opportunities Info Tech Fees and others.
  • Use of area equipment by faculty policy and guidelines.
  • Discussions with Mark Knierim regarding relocating the EMA grads to the grad wing and re-fitting the current EMA grad studio as a seminar room open to the full department.

With grads:
  • Allocation of graduate teaching and TA responsibilities for upcoming academic year including incoming grads.
  • Faculty teaching plans for upcoming academic year changes to current schedule and anticipated leaves.
  • Convey new policy regarding area seminars to graduate students they cannot be taught as a stand alone course.
  • Given the above discuss ideas for possibilities of 8600 joining with other area graduate seminars or other possibilities in lieu of a stand alone 8600 seminar.
  • Area critiques Mid semester? End of semester?

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