Welcome to the EMA 1601 Resources Blog

This blog attempts to gather all references for present and future instructors of the UMN Art Department's introductory course in experimental and media arts (ARTS 1601).

This resources include syllabi, exemplary assignments, hints, text references, media references as well as critical concepts.

Recent Entries

Erin Hael Fall 2010 1601 Syllabus
Fall 2010 ARTS 1601 Section 001 Experimental and Media Arts.pdf…
Diane Willow Spring 2009
Willow_ARTS 1601_004_Syllabus.docWillow_ARTS 1601_004_Schedule.doc…
Gudrun's Animation Assignment (Photoshop/FCP)
Hand-make a background with paint,  collage, photographs, or found material.  Make it 5 feet long for a scrolling backdrop.  You…