Erin Hael Fall 2010 1601 Syllabus

Diane Willow Spring 2009

Gudrun's Animation Assignment (Photoshop/FCP)

Hand-make a background with paint,  collage, photographs, or found material.  Make it 5 feet long for a scrolling backdrop.  You can keep it simple or the image can change over time.  Cut and paste photos, drawings or found objects from Photoshop into Final Cut Pro for foreground ANIMATION (30 sec - 2 min).  Record audio.  NO pre-recorded music.

Gudrun Lock 1601 Syllabus

Abinadi Meza 1601 Syllabus

Katinka Galanos Fall 2008 1601 Syllabus

TJ Barnes Syllabus Fall 2009

Jonathan Kaiser Syllabus Fall 2009

Micro / Macro History Video

Make a video that explores an event in history on both a micro and macro scale.  Consider issues of scale as they relate to your visual/audio treatment and/or the types of information you include.  The historical event(s) can be real or invented, personal or public, or all of these.

Expanded Landscape

Focus on one specific aspect of your experience that can be described as a landscape.
This is an opportunity to interpret the word "landscape" broadly and metaphorically if you wish.  You may choose to literally investigate the landscape of your neighborhood, or you might consider historical landscapes, microscopic landscapes, bodily landscapes, virtual landscapes, ideological landscapes, etc.  
Use multiple layers in Photoshop to create an image or series of images that represents your personal vision of this landscape, the way that you navigate it, or the way you might dream of transforming it.