April 24, 2008

Western Front Society

performance art, new music, media arts

"Over the years the organization has become the training ground and springboard for many young artists, especially those working outside the commercial art market."

February 26, 2008

Video ANT

We have a new tech tool on campus called Video ANT. It is the perfect tool for watching podcast / digital video lectures etc. and using text to respond. You can type in text (notes or critique etc.) so that it plays with the segment of the video you are viewing, both can be seen. This can be extremely useful pedagogically and also as a possible artistic tool.

A university in canada just got some press about a similar feature that they developed that takes it a little beyond that.

One more reason to get all those lectures, visiting artists, guest speakers etc. up onto Media Mill and out to the masses.


February 2, 2008

Residencies and Opportunities

January 27, 2008

Rapid Prototyping Resources

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne asked about rapid prototyping resources on campus.

The design institute published an excellent map of all the rapid prototyping resources on campus. I can not find a reference to it on the web, but Chris Baker has a copy posted next to his studio door, last i checked.

As far as i know, there are no electronic copies (duh!).

I also have a hard copy if you're unable to get a hold of the other.

and i am definitely up for a DIY version.
you know about RepRap?

Time to write up a grant...!


January 26, 2008

Where do I buy supplies in Minneapolis?

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