May 19, 2009

Brit's stop motion

MAW 2009 Final Student Project Outings

Final Project: Michael

Final Project: Sinan

Final Project: John

May 18, 2009

MAW 2009 Final Student Project Outings

May 15, 2009

People Serving People

ok so here are the details in case anyone is looking for them for the outing friday 5/15 at people serving people.

there is a map of the location on the corner of portland and 3rd St (614 3rd St MPLS, MN)

Everything is going to be going from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM or so.

should be cool

GRL lasertag, GMS/color organ duets, video collage of the people by lyric.

ill be trying to get over to PSP by 4:10 to get set up.

May 13, 2009

FINAL PROJECT(ion) - Guerra-style

I am really interested in the social aspects of the technology we have available and how it can be an essential tool for allowing marginalized voices an opportunity to be heard. I also feel that interaction between citizens and the public space around them is not only a way to claim space for the community, but also initiate discussion and debate on issues within the community.
One of those issues I feel strongly about is the gentrification of culture and character taking place in our own backyards – the destruction and ‘redevelopment’ of historic buildings and neighborhoods in exchange for expensive, cookie-cutter condos or townhouses - at the hands of greedy, capitalistic developers.
One area in immediate danger of destruction is campus’s very own historic Florence Court. For those not familiar with Florence Court, it is a one of a kind historic landmark on University Ave. It is home to a small, yet diverse community of students, musicians, and artists. This unique and beautiful environment where a community has thrived for decades is in immediate danger of destruction due to a proposed redevelopment plan to erect a college apartment complex where 5 historic houses stand, and convert a significant portion of the historic courtyard to a paved driveway. The five historic houses will be demolished and/or relocated.
Florence Court is not just a home – from DIY music venues to late-night bonfires and spontaneous outside concerts – Florence Court is truly a community space we cannot afford to loose.
This is where Guerilla style projections come in - I would like to remind the community of Clark Gassen's (evil developer) heinous destruction plans and also give the community of Florence Court a forum to have their voice heard. I plan to do a quick guerrilla style projection piece on FloCo visible from 35W bridge using simple text. My goal is for the documentation to be made available to the numerous grassroots organizations dedicated to the cause. I will place several posters in FloCo asking residents to leave their opinions, comments, or whatever else they would like the community to know about the development plans or about Clark Gassen. I will then collect the posters and compose a simple – yet effective – short text piece.
Equipment needed:
1-2 projectors & all cables, mounting gear, power sources etc
Video camera for documentation
Laptop with laser tag software?
Laser pointer?
Speakers (I plan to feature some of FloCo’s resident music)
I plan to use my own laptop with software for text piece
*I know I am late - i literally have not slept in the past 4 days as I have been finishing up writing my thesis research paper. I do not feel the late posting of this entry will have any effect on the overall quality of my final project and with my project scheduled on the last possible day I am confident that
the project should go as planned. Kara

maw.livedraw, updated with iPhone/Mrmr compatibility


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May 12, 2009

Final Project

My final project will carry the aesthetic qualities of the “heads on barb barker” outing we did in the class earlier this year. As a trans person, I am interested in change and fluidity in people’s identities and bodies over time...

I am interested in how these transformations may be effected and shaped by the person’s environment as well as their inner struggle and strength. What stands between you and your potential to realize yourself? What does it mean to have control over your identity vs. not have any control? Why does it matter so much for the society if identities are "natural" or "performative"? Why are things such as being gay more acceptable by some if they are not a choice? Why does that even matter?

Using the stop motion patch, I am making a few videos of people's not-necessarily-controlled transformations into varies identities, Think about a bunch of heads starting at a similar state and then transforming towards various different tangents. The obvious transitions are related to gender, hence various “drag” identities. However, the renowned documentary Paris is Burning by Jennie Livingston (1990) makes it clear that drag is not only about gender. People sometimes revolt against the obstacles of the real world by engaging in drag performances that allow them to become anything and everything that they cannot possibly become in real life. One of the characters in the documentary Dorian Corey says:

“In real life, you can't get a job as an executive unless you have the educational background and the opportunity. Now the fact that you are not an executive is merely because of the social standing of life... Black people have a hard time getting anywhere. And those that do, are usually straight. In a ballroom, you can be anything you want." -- Dorian Corey

So i really leave it up to individual actors to come up with their final destination. I will be doing the outing on the first day (aka Wednesday at AI). For this I will need:

-Stationary projection setup (projector, magic arm, VGA cable, adapter, power)
-I may need audio (john will already have speakers so this is taken care of i think, it depends if i can find some tracks to go with the concept)

-Are we all going at the same time or lining up?
-I will have 7 to 9 head videos, should i use two computers and projection set ups instead?

p.s. sorry for being late, I literally just got home to sit down and write this

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MAW 09 Pau Wau

May 11, 2009

Danika's Final Project

My final project will be a documentation of "place" for a few people (probably only two actually, given the time restraints-- we've got to get to frat row for the parties! ;-)) and will be composed of two side by side projectors: one of livedraw and one of a light board. I have pre-recorded conversations about place and where each individual has been, photos of them/pictures/videos if applicable, etc. The lightboard will be a place for each of the people to interact and sort of comment on their already existent commentary (the recording). I am hoping that this will create a sense a unique set-up both for the viewer and interacting interviewee. I will move around the livedraw contents while the interviewer is on the light board

it sounds like this will be projected from the tracks under the 14th ave bridge in dinkytown? I would like to go scope the space out before we project, but I know we said we can't go further than dinkytownish area so that we can get over to frat row in a timely fashion.

So, I will need:
-2 projectors
-light board
-camera and stand to project light board (I believe this is how this works, if something else is possible, let me know
-required cables, etc. for the aforementioned stuff + power source


Sorry it took me so long to get this up here, I've been moving and don't have any internet!

Final Project Outing


200x microscope camera
Standard lightboard firewire camera
Two magic arms

My final project plays with the notions of tapping into Intelligence, developing Evolution, and observing Patterns. I wanted to use live elements in my play, and to give the projection an alchemical or ritualistic aesthetic. Materials I plan on using include - blood, ants, sugar, water, and egg yolks. The performance aspect will also touch on notions of Divination - the reading of signs/omens/answers/directions in blood, ants, egg yolks are all archaic and seemingly irrational (by modern scientific biases) practices that nonetheless give people an art/tech to understanding the world around them. The spot for this performance will be alongside other folks in the parking lot of 8th and Hennepin by AI, on May 13, Wednesday night. I like this space for being in the heart of the concrete jungle, and subsequently a good opportunity for playing with the idea of how Intelligence is perpetually breathing and enveloping our lives.


Final Project specifics

I realized I need to be more specific with what I will need for my final project.

One computer-mac
As much extension cable as possible (maybe 100ft)
3 magic arms
one generator
3 projectors
3 power strips
3 LONG vga cables
3 adaptors
speaker system-I will provide ipod,
one wireless camera

I will be projecting different video content edited through livedraw on footage that I have shot around the minneapolis area, displaying both the natural parts (rivers, parks, etc.) and integrating them into manmade stimuli of the city (dowtown area, highway systems, etc.) I plan on projecting this footage on the witches hat tower with the 3 projectors, each covering an area of 120 degress of the tower. With three of these projectors covering this area, it will encompass the entire perimeter of the tower.
My final project is going to be about the perpetual motion of life, specifially in the city of minneapolis. Especially now in the midst of spring, the rebirth of life is in full fledge, from birds singing to growing vegitation as well as the city and people that live here. I wanted to focus in on that, and especially the integration of natural and man-made life and rebirth, in which minneapolis is blessed to have so much natural beauty .
I plan to project from 9 to 9:40, as we will need to vacate the park by ten(ish). Ali, I saw that I am schedualed for Friday, but I thought that we agreed on Thrusday. I will discuss this with you in person after I finish this.

final project list

Ryan Murphy
Final Project
MAW 2009

There will be 3 stations.

Stations 1 and 2 will be musical projections. This includes John’s GMS and my color organ and drum sampler. I think John and I will both be using our own computers. My hope is that we can run audio from both computers out one set of speakers. We will need a projector for each laptop.

Station 3 will be the laser tag set up. For this I will need one projector and one computer. According to Andrea I may be able to use the MAW 17” macbook pro for the computer. I will need one projector and one 640 480 firewire camera.


4 magic arms
1 laptop (MAW 17” macbook pro)
3 projectors
3 power cords
3 Adaptors
1 Firewire camera
1 firewire cable
1 laser pointer
2 speakers
2 power cables
2 1/8” to stereo 1/4“ converter
1 small mixer to mix to computers to speakers