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visual language upon two wheels.

in watching the various outings from the minneapolis art on wheels website, i became really thrilled by three in particular that stood out.

1. the outing that was in the "798 Art District" in Beijing, China was an absolutely beautiful display of wordplay and movement in simplicity upon all the buildings by using poetry. Hank Colton's poetry and how interactive the portable projectors were with the crowds of people was truly like a dance. not to mention, the fact the videos soundtrack was an orchestrated version of kraftwerks, "komputerliebe" totally made me listen over and over repetitively to it. it was a transformative experience and sparked more ideas of art.

2. the video documenting the beijing film academy was one of the first films i ever saw for the minneapolis art on wheels performances. the reactions of the people on the street were what i enjoyed most, children, young middleaged people watching as the projections of water&dye, roses and branches (all organic in form) being shown inorganically. the silouettes made the visual language more powerful.

3. MAWs collaboration with the obsidian arts in the "obsidian of the north" was truly one of the reasons why i wanted to take the class. community involvement was the key in this documentation because it involved a neighborhood that was predominantly black displaying art that had a face an individuality to it. there were profiles projected of history of famous faces and everyday people. the children dancing infront of the screen showing the interface before the actual projection was precious. this is why art shouldn't be restricted to a gallery or a wall, but the whole world is your projection screen. not to mention the album leaf song made it even more touching!

art for the people is truly what i think MAW is about and there are many more videos i could have commented on, but these i chose because they exhibited the reactions to the crowd in a way that were touching and the subject matter was all very diverse. whether it was china or ne minneapolis, it was like bringing this virtual visual world to the reality in which we live.