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'Paper' premiere performance


thanks andrea for sharing your colab with all of us. congratulations on your grant!

I loved the real time aspect of it, and the theme of paper. Really intriguing, makes me excited to get out there!

i liked the storytelling and the rhythmic interactions with the music your shadow puppetry took on. things that particularly caught my eye were when you lit the paper on fire with a match, and the use of a filter (I think?) to create the effect of falling snow/rain.

there were a few moments that night where not all the text was fully visible on the wall.

the choice of location gave the performance the feel of a clandestine affair.

thanks for the performance!

Nice work, Andrea and Angela. It's encouraging to see such organic and engaging work developed with this technology. No one who makes the argument that electronic and digital machinery dehumanizes art could apply it to what you're doing.

I agree with the rhythmic achievement-- I felt the urge to move/dance, and this isn't a result simply of the choice of sound/music, I don't think. It was very much a product of the movement of the images, your timing and performance. It indicates an intricate planning and rehearsal.

I was thankful to have the view of your workstation as well as the projection--as this is fairly new to me, it was fascinating to be able to look back and forth between the two and make connections.

for only practicing it once or twice it was a really good performance. using that special camera definitely changed the outcome of the look that you did. personally i thought it had a good rhythm to it as well and even though it was a performance it looked a bit effortless.

the music to it was really fitting, i love the idea of public art that is mobile, i had never seen anything done behind hard times. what surprised me most about the performance and film is when you integrated it with prerecorded video work with real time performance, it was hard to see where one stopped and where one ended. that was the beauty of it.

the fact that it was freezing outside made it seem almost more crisp. thanks again!

unfortunately i missed last week's class so my only reference for the show are these pictures but they look very beautiful indeed. yay for paper collages! i can't wait to actually see the full video.

Nice choice on the battles tune. I suppose that's why it was stuck in your head a few weeks ago? This was great. I loved it being in real time. I loved it being a mix of paper and computer generated. There were a few things that didn't work out so perfectly that I thought made it better like the black dots that came over the screen (as a result of the lighted surface shifting perhaps?). Also, the fact that we could see your hands sometimes was great.

The only two things I noticed and can remember in the way of constructive criticism are the words written in marker on paper being nigh on impossible to read in a couple cases and the words cut into paper occasionally going off the edges making them not entirely visible.

Overall, awesome. Nice collaboration! You two seemed to work together really well, and that's a fun thing to watch. I am so psyched to be a part!

I as well liked the battles piece that you played with your performance, especially how you made certain events correlate with the rhythmn and the structure as a hole.
You seemed to be very well organized for this performance, and it was evident due to the execution as a whole (there were no major fumbles or meltdowns, which is something that can happen easily in any performance context.)
There were times where you breached the picture frame barrier, and some of the sharpie marks were not very visible. This could have maybe been because of the brick wall, as it was a little hard to see the very minute details.
Overall very good job.

It was great to actually see an outing, this was so rythmic and had the feeling of really well planning. I liked the real-time aspect of it and that kind of gives it a sense of curiosity because you don't always know how it will look while you're doing it. Seeing the set up was interesting, and how it works to set up for a short period of time. It was kind of hard seeing some of the things that went off the screen every once in awhile . What really surprised me was that even though the performance was only the duration of a really great song, the short 5 minutes still drew in a crowd! It's great to see the publics interest and curiosity in your piece and it was a good spot right behind hard times, I liked the brick background a lot.

Good Job guys! It was an awesome performance!

I thought the projection felt like a music video. The music video for that particular song is pretty cool already but i thought your rendition was good too. I really felt that I liked the granular effect the video had towards the beginning. The layering of the videos was effective. I like the black and white. It might be cool to have color control and move through different colors as the mood of the music changes.

This piece inspired, yet scared the crap out of me... complementary crap.

I really thought it was artfully done, and the pre-recorded video and real-time performance blended quite well together.

Keeping the color to a stark black and white I thought was best for a grimy brick wall, as it provided good contrast...the audience didn't have to squint to make out the details. When projecting color i think it might be harder.

This performance proved to me that what we are doing is not only projecting images, but we are actually performing . This is the part that was scary. When she was doing the live work I found myself hoping she doesn't screw it up in front of the audience. This tension speaks to the art of these "fun" projections.

I did notice that some of the images came off the projection "canvas" so the audience wasn't able to see a full image of what was going on. I think this would be solved through looking up more, however with the pace of this piece in particular, it would be quite difficult (i think) to take your eyes off of your movement immediately in front of you.
Perhaps foreseeing this problem, the performer could distance the camera further from the light board to provide more room...

Lastly, i think the subject matter was wonderful...paper, and going on a fantastic journey. This was definitely something that people of all ages would delight in, and it is not an ultra-heavy statement, keeping the listless lightness of the projection.