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VIDEO ART DEBAUCHERY! Vive Winnipeg, l'enfer oui!

wow, anyways, congratulations on spark being a major success, it was good to further get to know everyone in the class, but also finally see some work in action on outings and seeing people perform.

with that said, would anyone be willing to examine the possibilities of going to media city in windsor, ontario?

15th EDITION of media city
is May 20-23, 2009


media city has been a staple of video and contemporary real time media for many years now. i have gone to it before, it was absolutely extraordinary and it gives you a feel of what is going on elsewhere

in north america. it is also one of the few video festivals. i am receiving quite a bit of interest since spark festival about starting a video festival in minneapolis just dedicated to video and real time and new media. i wanted to discuss this in class as most of you are already knee deep into experimental video. anyways, keep the juices flowing.

i am hoping to execute a trip to videopool collective in winnipeg at the end of the term if anyone is interested in going with me, this is an active collective of artists who are working in experimental ideas.


also there is my del.icio.us account it contains links to video art, media, and so forth, it's very disorganized at the moment, but this is a heads up!...