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Assignment #1: Project Proposal

Sooo. I have a concept, but I'm not really sure how I want to/can effectively portray my ideas/frustrations/ticks.

recent events have stirred my frustrations with how women are treated, alineated, sexualized, [insert adjective here], when we are attempting to interact with the world. As a couple instances, just so we can more clearly identify what sort of things I'm thinking, at work (I'm a barista) many of the women have complained to me about being called "sweetie" "honey" "babe, by total strangers and apparently crappy people. Recently we've had a guy in there asking to take pictures of the girls at night, and taking "guerilla" pictures of them w/o them knowing it.
But so whatever, I've always wanted to do some public display of how the condition of women is such that we have to actually be quite aware when we are walking home at night because we all know the dangers of not being aware, or that if we are walking down the street we have to worry about the insecurities that come up when we are cat-called, or when we are standing at a bus stop on a cold MN day when we all know we've had too much pizza just to stand next to a couple of sexy chicks holding Modelo beer and wondering why we don't look like that.
This shit, and then the fact that we are supposed to accept it because that's how things are and when we're trying to talk about our frustrations with a brother we are told we're oversensitive and that we need to get used to it.
You know....but I dunno how we get used to it when we pick up the MN Daily and find out another girl has been raped but then we immediately think: well, she must have been wearing something too slutty, or women shouldn't be walking alone at night.

So there's a lot of contradictions, and because of work events I'm kind of diggin the idea right now.
I'm not sure what programs i want to use, I don't know how to incorporate live play, and I have no idea what the content will be whatsoever.

Images, text, I need some ideas folks!

I do know that I would like to project somewhere that reeks of misogyny, so i was thinking frat row on a warm thursday night.
This would be:
A) admittedly, funny
B) a cite where many women have been sexually abused/harassed
C) interesting with all the stones on the buildings
D) most likely a large audience

the problems with this site, is that it is quite alienating, and it is a direct backlash against what fratrow stands for in the eyes of a lot of college kids.
As an individual, I'm fine with this, but as MAW, i think it is worth a conversation.