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Assignment 1: Project Proposal

My final project idea is going to deal with life and cyclic motion that everything and body takes a complete part in. Wether is in Nature with the different seasons, life and death, the water cycle (perciptation, flow and evaporation), or the the "banal" cycle of our lives such as waking up, go to work (or school), eat, sleep, and repeat. For this theme, I would like trying to address both the beauty of the worldly cycle found in nature and in our lives, and also focus on the negatives that this cycle can produce, and what we can do to both respect and influence this cycle of life positively (or something of that nature.)
For a projection space, I would want to try to do it on the witches hat tower in prospect park. What I have in mind for my projection is to encircle the entire perimeter in projections and then have all the projections display a figure (not sure what, but it has to move) and have that figure 'circle around all of the projections in a fluid and proportionally correct manner in order to exemplify the sense of cycle, literally. Each projection background would then have a different setting that this figure would travel through, such as nature background, cityscape, and other backgrounds to show that there are many unique (even down to man made cycles, such as cities with traffic) cycles, and how they are possibly all attached. I am sure this might be confusing, but i am thinking that the idea itself might work.
Obviously there are some logistical things that need to be resolved, the biggest one probably being the use of multiple projections to project a cycle of one figure through every projector. I am thinking this might be possible through livedraw, but it could definantly be tricky. Also hauling that many projectors out to one area and have them all attached to computers could also be extremely cumbersome. I would not know what to do if it rained or if the weather did not permit, as there would be no 'centralized' operating area.
I am not sure if this is even a plausible feat, but one can dream!