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Due April 16, Preparations for First Outing


A few things to help our first outing go smoothly:
-please come to class a bit earlier than 6 if you can as we have much to prepare. sunset is at 7.58pm, at which time we must be on-site, generators fired up, projectors/computers connected and ready to play
-please organize all the media you need for your performance: 1) if using video, please bring them on a jump drive or put them on one of the check-out laptops ahead of time; downloading things the night of will take too long; 2) if using paper, plastic, film, or any other material, please have it organized and in an easy to transport container 3) if using live camera input CONSIDER THE LIGHTING (it's dark at night, so bring light or else, our headlamps)
-if you want music accompanying your work, please bring the track on an iPod or such

In later outings, roles may be filled more implicitly, but for the first I would like to select the following people for the following specific roles:
-documentation (video/stills):
[you won't film the whole time, and you will still perform]
[please bring an ipod for a few hours of music, a mix would be much appreciated!]
John and Kara
[select route, ride in the front and the back of the posse, help navigate];

Order of performances:
1) Sinan
2) Michael
3) Brittany
4) Ryan
5) Lyric
6) Inna
7) Kara
8) Stephanie
9) Danika
10) Maj
11) Timothy
12) John

As we will set up several projectors concurrently, performances may overlap/combine.

Things are looking up!


ps don't forget to VOTE!


I would like to debut performing with my GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer) instead of what I presented in class last week. Is this ok?

Definitely OK.