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Due April 9, Assignment 1: Initial Proposal for Final Project

Please write a 1-3 paragraph paper describing your initial direction and/or inspiration for a final project. The final project for Art on Wheels will be a projection outing, in a public space, were each student will present a work for video. Works that use real-time technologies (camera, live-drawing, live performance of a real-time patch) are strongly recommended. Work that purposefully invite participation by viewers are also strongly recommended.

The description should include at least:
-The location you have selected and its connection to the content of your final project
-The instruments you wish to use for the projection
-Your primary concerns/needs/worries/forecasts about what will make the project successful.

Please post your proposal to the blog as an entry (not as a comment to this post); please assign the category "Final Project" to the post. Feel free to use images/google-street-views/drawings to strengthen and clarify your proposal.