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Final Project.

So I have a couple ideas for my final project. First, I was thinking about a map of the world composed of faces. I could find pictures of people indigenous to every modern day country creating a sort of collage of every continent in the world. Then when clicked on, every continent can have it’s own view which includes names of the countries as well (it wouldn’t be on the larger scale for sake of aesthetics). This way, whoever is interacting with the project can pick a country, see what the people who are from there look like, and write something. I was also thinking about having a fact or just something interesting about each of the pictures/places. The idea of this project would be to see a cool color scheme across the world of faces, and have the immediate ability to point out where you (as the viewer) are from or what have you. I was thinking that if there were any way to use google earth as a tool for the project things could get a lot more interesting. As far as a way to develop this project—I am thinking maybe there would be some way with livedraw? I’m sure talking to Ali or Andrea would help. I would like to project it somewhere South maybe at Franklin and Cedar. Somewhere with a lot of different colored faces to make things more interesting.

Other idea-- several faces all in the same place making different “faces” accompanied with poetry. For this, I think a building with lots of curves would be the coolest. Weisman maybe (would that work with the metal)?