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Final Project IDEA

For my final project I would like to focus on a community involvement outing. People Serving People is an organization dedicated to helping families with emergency housing needs. I think an outing to their shelter would be a positive experience. I am thinking of focusing mainly on the kids who are staying there, so drawing and other simple things the kids will be able to pick up and try right away would be best I think. Maybe kids will want to make cutouts but I think just simple drawing projections would be cool.
It would be nice if we could introduce some other cool high tech things like a laser drawer. I remember when I was kid I was super fascinated with the long distance capabilities of lasers. If I could have used one to paint on a building I would have been blown away no doubt.
Other ideas would be to use live video projections that could have weird effects. Even simply using the built in effects in photo booth might do the trick. We could let the kids take pictures of themselves and then write on the pictures with the laser pointer.
I am envisioning my participation in this would be in setting up the opportunity for these other people to come and play with all the cool gear MAW has and offer an unexpected experience to the families.

The shelter is just down the street from the metrodome and the building itself may be a a good place to project onto.