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Final project idea

Well Steph, I think you have a grand idea. I was also thinking of doing something along the lines of that project before I read your post. I think it would be hilarious to do something on fraternity row, but also a really strong statement. This should be something we discuss in class! I would like to also do more stop motion stuff. I had a great time making a short animation and I thought it would be fun to elaborate more on that and do more stop motion cartoon-like videos. Also, I think it would be neat to project under the St. Anthony main bridge area, where Andrea showed us her video where there was an actor also. So in combination with all these things,, I thought it would be rad to make a stop motion that would be projected underneath that spot because I like to hang out there a lot, and I have some friends in bands that I would ask to play under that spot but have the animation to interact with the band, kind of bother them a little bit. So it could be an interactive concert which would just be fun to watch.

But I have many more ideas, and would love to collaborate with other people (and Steph, we should talk about doing a public display of how women are treated, because that's something I feel strongly about)


Who is this? and i would love to collaborate. I'm really into this idea of filthy feminine bodies attempting to be sexy.
I also really want prince's 'pussy control' as the back track to add some humility and humor.
who wants to dance naked?
stephie t.