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Final Project Proposal... Possible?

For my final project I was thinking of somehow incorporating recent still images with sound/music image manipulation/text, with an environmental theme. (I have no idea how to do this, but I think it might be possible??)

My initial idea is that there would be some sort of camera set up, taking continuous but timed apart images of people that are walking by. The pictures would then be projected in sequence, during which I would be able to manipulate the image by playing music (live). The specific notes of the sound would create different words and occasionally different photo manipulations that would also be on the projection. The texts that would appear would be different quotes or words relating to our current environmental crisis, and the manipulations would possibly distort or blur the images.

I was hoping that this project would be somewhat interactive, and that people could easily be aware of the placement of the camera and the fact that it is taking photos of them. This would mean that the projection would have to be placed in a place with high people traffic and congestion, so I’m not completely sure where I’d want to perform it but I was thinking like The Mall of America or somewhere by Coffman.

This entire idea came to me because from the beginning I knew that I really wanted to incorporate music and images, but also somehow make it live action and interactive. It’s also important me to have some sort of political or social meaning, and I feel that our current environment is the biggest and most important issue we currently face. I would hope that by showing this project I could communicate some environmental awareness in an unusual manner, while still making it entertaining and amusing.

I definitely have a lot of concerns about my ideas. It would most likely take some serious program creating and skills and such that I certainly do not possess. Does this project sound too farfetched? It could easily be altered as to make it a little more plausible and easier to do in the small amount of time given to create it. All I know is I’m going to need some serious help and guidance, but am excited to see any form of my vision come together. I also love to collaborate! :)