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Focusing on the idea of identity in a public sphere, bringing the private ideas and inner workings of who we are, to the forefront of a space is what I wanted to focus on. Often times storytelling is how we accomplish things, or the things we wear or how we speak. These things not only exciting me they want to be the emphasis of my final project. This is a very tentative prospectus because I feel like this idea has only manifested itself recently to me.

“How do I incorporate this?” is better asked in the question of “how do we represent ourselves when it is what we want to be portrayed as?” I would like to program the Max Patch to do a program similar to the projecting faces onto bigger buildings or something like a portrait that the person can alter while they use the audio to tell stories about themselves and their experiences. When you get people to talk, they will tell you a whole lot of information about their lives. I was thinking of doing this projection either at the Obama show in collaboration with Sinan’s piece or… on a cultural center spot in Minneapolis.. what about the public library downtown?


maj, i love your idea, i am all about collaborating on this piece. ever psyched. sinan