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Danika's Final Project

My final project will be a documentation of "place" for a few people (probably only two actually, given the time restraints-- we've got to get to frat row for the parties! ;-)) and will be composed of two side by side projectors: one of livedraw and one of a light board. I have pre-recorded conversations about place and where each individual has been, photos of them/pictures/videos if applicable, etc. The lightboard will be a place for each of the people to interact and sort of comment on their already existent commentary (the recording). I am hoping that this will create a sense a unique set-up both for the viewer and interacting interviewee. I will move around the livedraw contents while the interviewer is on the light board

it sounds like this will be projected from the tracks under the 14th ave bridge in dinkytown? I would like to go scope the space out before we project, but I know we said we can't go further than dinkytownish area so that we can get over to frat row in a timely fashion.

So, I will need:
-2 projectors
-light board
-camera and stand to project light board (I believe this is how this works, if something else is possible, let me know
-required cables, etc. for the aforementioned stuff + power source


Sorry it took me so long to get this up here, I've been moving and don't have any internet!


Hey danika, ali added a new live-draw with present saving. check it here: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/ali/spring2009cola3950/2009/05/mawlivedraw_updated.html#comments