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Final Project Outing

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Hey, MAW mates. I have schedule my final project outing for next Wednesday, May 13 at the location shown. It's a parking lot right next to Art Institutes where I teach (9th and Hennepin, downtown). I thought this would be a great way to expose MAW to students at Ai. I'm planning on using a projector and speakers from the school, so all you have to do is show up. Here's the publicity paragraph that's going out to students and alumni:

John Keston will be performing using his Gestural Music Sequencer or GMS on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 in the parking lot next to Art Institutes International Minnesota, 15 South 9th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The GMS was written in Processing.org by Ai instructor, Unearthed Music recording artist, and AudioCookbook.org founder John Keston. His tool analyzes video input and converts it into a sequence of musical information in real-time. The live video image will be projected on the building while the musical response to the images is amplified through a sound system. For more information about the GMS visit audiocookbook.org/tag/gms/. All Ai students, staff, alumni, and the public are welcome to attend this free performance. A drawing will be held (for WDIM students only) giving away two passes to the Flashbelt conference.