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Final Project specifics

I realized I need to be more specific with what I will need for my final project.

One computer-mac
As much extension cable as possible (maybe 100ft)
3 magic arms
one generator
3 projectors
3 power strips
3 LONG vga cables
3 adaptors
speaker system-I will provide ipod,
one wireless camera

I will be projecting different video content edited through livedraw on footage that I have shot around the minneapolis area, displaying both the natural parts (rivers, parks, etc.) and integrating them into manmade stimuli of the city (dowtown area, highway systems, etc.) I plan on projecting this footage on the witches hat tower with the 3 projectors, each covering an area of 120 degress of the tower. With three of these projectors covering this area, it will encompass the entire perimeter of the tower.
My final project is going to be about the perpetual motion of life, specifially in the city of minneapolis. Especially now in the midst of spring, the rebirth of life is in full fledge, from birds singing to growing vegitation as well as the city and people that live here. I wanted to focus in on that, and especially the integration of natural and man-made life and rebirth, in which minneapolis is blessed to have so much natural beauty .
I plan to project from 9 to 9:40, as we will need to vacate the park by ten(ish). Ali, I saw that I am schedualed for Friday, but I thought that we agreed on Thrusday. I will discuss this with you in person after I finish this.