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FINAL PROJECT(ion) - Guerra-style

I am really interested in the social aspects of the technology we have available and how it can be an essential tool for allowing marginalized voices an opportunity to be heard. I also feel that interaction between citizens and the public space around them is not only a way to claim space for the community, but also initiate discussion and debate on issues within the community.
One of those issues I feel strongly about is the gentrification of culture and character taking place in our own backyards – the destruction and ‘redevelopment’ of historic buildings and neighborhoods in exchange for expensive, cookie-cutter condos or townhouses - at the hands of greedy, capitalistic developers.
One area in immediate danger of destruction is campus’s very own historic Florence Court. For those not familiar with Florence Court, it is a one of a kind historic landmark on University Ave. It is home to a small, yet diverse community of students, musicians, and artists. This unique and beautiful environment where a community has thrived for decades is in immediate danger of destruction due to a proposed redevelopment plan to erect a college apartment complex where 5 historic houses stand, and convert a significant portion of the historic courtyard to a paved driveway. The five historic houses will be demolished and/or relocated.
Florence Court is not just a home – from DIY music venues to late-night bonfires and spontaneous outside concerts – Florence Court is truly a community space we cannot afford to loose.
This is where Guerilla style projections come in - I would like to remind the community of Clark Gassen's (evil developer) heinous destruction plans and also give the community of Florence Court a forum to have their voice heard. I plan to do a quick guerrilla style projection piece on FloCo visible from 35W bridge using simple text. My goal is for the documentation to be made available to the numerous grassroots organizations dedicated to the cause. I will place several posters in FloCo asking residents to leave their opinions, comments, or whatever else they would like the community to know about the development plans or about Clark Gassen. I will then collect the posters and compose a simple – yet effective – short text piece.
Equipment needed:
1-2 projectors & all cables, mounting gear, power sources etc
Video camera for documentation
Laptop with laser tag software?
Laser pointer?
Speakers (I plan to feature some of FloCo’s resident music)
I plan to use my own laptop with software for text piece
*I know I am late - i literally have not slept in the past 4 days as I have been finishing up writing my thesis research paper. I do not feel the late posting of this entry will have any effect on the overall quality of my final project and with my project scheduled on the last possible day I am confident that
the project should go as planned. Kara